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Two profiling questions for CDT


1    If I am using 6500K for my monitor AND for my print viewing, why should
I use D50 as the illuminant in my Colormouse? Shouldn't I change that to
D65, or does ProfilerPro only work properly with D50 illuminant values? (I'd
test it to see if there is any difference, but it takes so long!!).

2    After 2 years or so of unsuccessful profiling with Wiziwyg and
ProfilerRGB, I succumbed to your advocacy of ProfilerPro (with a
Colormouse). Needless to say, I was not too happy when my first few profiles
with this combo produced some nice new colors on my 1270, but with the usual
posterisation in shadow areas and some other color boundary areas on my test
pictures. For a while I decided to ignore anything else you ever said!!
    However, by chance I picked up an old article by Bruce Fraser on
Rendering Intents, and decided to follow his advice and try printing with my
new profiles and Rel Colorimetric intent instead of the recommended
Perceptual. Lo and behold, all the posterisation disappeared like magic and
I had some nice prints - better at long last than the Epson driver prints
(using Epson papers and ink).
    Am I right in assuming that the gamut compression that Perceptual
rendering uses must have been compressing some of my colors too much and
causing the posterisation, while when using Rel Colorimetric rendering with
no in-gamut compression, I didn't get any posterisation? This difference
could be seen on-screen as well as in print.
    ProfilerRGB might have worked if I had used Rel Colorimetric intent for

Bob Frost.

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