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RE: W2K RAMlimits

In the vein of pure speculation: might it be possible, if one had literally
gigs of RAM, to set up a RAM disk to be used as the PS scratch disk? Would
this not be the equivalent to working intirely in RAM on large files?

Jim Wingo

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On 6/13/2002 at 8:36 PM Laurie Solomon wrote:

>>it means you can work on those 550Mb medium format scans without endless
disk  writes
>If you are using Photoshop, I doubt it since Photoshop still relies on
>virtual memory from scratch disks requiring disk writes and reads no
>how much actual physical RAM you have on the system.  It keeps multiple
>copies of the file in its various versions on the scratch disk not RAM for
>multiple undos, for the history palette, and for the revert function for
>starters. It is only possibily the actual working desktop appearing copy
>that it keeps in actual physical RAM.  

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