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Re: Printer drivers on a networked computer


You need to select Print with Preview (under File) with PS7. Selecting Print
as you did in PS6 does not give you the same features, but Print with
Preview does. Make sure you check the Show More Options box in the bottom
lefthand corner of the Print dialog.

Bob Frost.

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From: "Bernie Epstein" <bepstein@comcast.net>

> I do not get the initial window with the color management options at the
> when printing from Photoshop 7. I did set a default print profile in the
> Management tab of the Properties dialog box for the EX, but it's kind of a
> nuisance to reset it there when I use a different paper/profile. So I
> have to copy the file to be printed to my Win 98SE computer via the
> router, open it in PS under Win98, and print from there--thereby defeating
> of the main reasons for buying a new computer; or buy a later model
> Ugh!

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