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Re: 2200 vs. 1280


Isn't it more complicated than that? As I read the specs, the 2200/2100 can
print better b&w than a 1280/1290 because of the light black ink (and the
new features in the driver for linearising grayscale), so you may be able to
print high quality b&w and color from the same printer. BUT, the black ink
comes in two varieties, photo black and matte black, one for glossy paper
and one for matte paper. So unless all your color and b&w work is going to
be on one type of surface, you may still need two printers (one for glossy
and one for matte), because changing from the photo black cartridge to the
matte black cartridge or vice versa on the 7600 uses a great deal of ink
from all the color cartridges (according to Epson) and doesn't sound very
practical. I can't find any similar details for changing the black
cartridges on the 2200/2100, but it may be similar. Do you (or anyone else)
have any info on the practicality of changing the black cartridges on the

Bob Frost.

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From: "SKID Photography" <skid@bway.net>

> Ursula,
> I think you misunderstood the post.   I think that person was saying that
> 2200 can do *both* color and B&W, without switching inks due to the 7th
> color, where as the 1280 cannot.

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