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RE: 2200 vs. 1280

Dan wrote:
> > But if the 2200 prints b&w as good as the reviews claim, it could
> > me the expense of buying two separate printers--a 1280 for color,
and a
> > 3000 (or used 1160) with piezography drivers/inks for b&w.

To which Ursula replied:
> You may be saving the expense of buying two printers, but you'd be
> spending money on the wasted ink by changing from one set to another.

How so?  I'd just leave in the inks the 2200 ships with (Photo Black)
and print both color and b&w from those.  I'd only waste ink if I
switched between glossy and matte papers and decided I wanted to use the
Photo Black ink set for the one and the Matte Black for the other.


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