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Using Epson S041141 Photo Paper on 1160 with Gen4 inks

After using my Epson 1160 with Gen4 inks for the past year
I decided that I wasn't happy with the results I was getting
with the S041141 Photo Paper. The dark colors were all getting
muddied together into a black glob. I thought that's the way it is
and would have to live with it but the other day I tried some
settings I hadn't tried before.

So, anyone that has an 1160 and Gen4 inks and wants to use
a semi glossy paper like S041141 (it's really cheap at Costco)
and doesn't have a custom profile should think about trying these
settings. Afterward, compare the dark areas of some pictures
and see if there isn't more detail present.
Go to Custum Settings/Advanced

Media Type: Photo Paper

Print Quality:  Photo- 720dpi

Halftoning:  Error difusion

High Speed: No

Finest Detail:  Yes

Color Management:  Color Controls

Mode:  Photo-realistic

Brightness:  -16

Contrast:  -4

Saturation:  +0

Cyan:  +0

Magenta:  +0

Yellow:  +0

I've wasted a lot of paper fooling around with different settings
and these give me the closest results to the Epson ink that I
have found.

John Richmond
Alpha Electronics
3846 Pipers Crest
San Antonio, Tx 78251
(210) 681-1527

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