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Re: Another C80 question

I'm making the assumption that you can see "Page Setup…" and "Print…" in 
the File menu, but don't know how to use the menu items.

File/Page Setup… should get you to paper size and orientation.

As for resolution and other media settings, when you select File/Print… 
you will see the following in the drawer which opens:

Printer:  popup-menu-item <- should read "C80 Series(USB)" - if it 
doesn't, click and hold to see a popup menu of installed printers and 
then choose C80 etc

Presets: popup-menu-item <- could be "Standard" or "Custom." Click and 
hold if you want to change this from one value to the other

Then you should probably see a popup menu reading "Copies & Pages" Click 
and hold to see the other items in the menu, which should read

"Copies & Pages"
"Output Options"
"Print Settings"    <- this is where you want to be
"Color management"
"Save Custom Setting"
Some applications may also show a special menu item. For example, if you 
choose print in Mail.app there is a "Mail" item in the popup menu which 
allows you to print selected mail items rather than just one.

In "Print Settings" choose "Advanced" to get to the available 

The Print drawer also has a setting for number of copies, a checkbox to 
control collation, and settings to allow printing all pages or just a 
range of pages.

Does this help?

On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 12:19  AM, Gary C Lasater wrote:

> Have access to a C80 printer using the new Mac OS X+ operating system. 
> My usual
> workflow is on a G3 with OS 9.2. When I use the C80 the printer driver 
> page set up
> setting are not there. There is no choice of resolution or media 
> settings. The
> printer center on the dock just allows adding or deleting a printer. 
> Could someone
> point me in the right direction here?
> Thanks,
> Donna

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