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Removing Epson EscP/2 basic drivers [was Re: Printer drivers on a networked computer]

Laurie et al,

For those of you who want to get rid of the basic XP drivers that get
installed automatically with your Epson printers, you can do so by going to
NT/currentversion/print/printers in the Registry where you will find entries
for all your currently installed printers. For example, my 1270 shows up
there twice - as an Epson Stylus Photo 1270 and as an Epson Stylus Photo
1270 EscP/2. If you simply delete the EscP/2 entry, this stops the basic
printer showing up in the printers lists. It is still installed (because it
doesn't get reinstalled when you reconnect your printer or reboot), but
doesn't keep showing up as a printer when you print.

Bob Frost.

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From: "Laurie Solomon" <laurie@advancenet.net>
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Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2002 7:56 PM
Subject: RE: Printer drivers on a networked computer

> I think that the answer that they are implying is that you should install
> both the Microsoft and the Epson drivers.  In the Printer panel, add only
> the Epson printers using the Epson drivers and let Microsoft install plug
> and play the printers with its driver.  You can then select either as the
> default printer or the printer that you want to print from on any given
> ocassion; you can also select between the two versions which version you
> care to share as the network printer over the network, leaving the other
> a local printer only.

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