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Re: 1160 incomplete printing???

on 6/12/02 1:04 PM, george kase at gkase@ccfc.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just hooked up my new (to me) 1160 to my Mac 8500 and
> attempted to print and for the first few prints out of the
> box, everything worked fine...I have a USB adapter card in my
> 8500. However, a few days later when I sat down to do some
> serious printing...it only would print like 15% of the image
> and then eject the page and flash up an error message on the order
> of "the communications link is goofed up and I should restart the
> printer".,.. of course, following this advice has done no good.
> Epson suggested a newer system software so I upgraded to 9.1 (from 9.0.4)
> and now it won't print at all...any suggestions?

Sounds like a USB problem. I use the 1160 on a beige G3, 9.1 with a USB card
and have had no problems (with the printer). You might check that the card
is recognized (Apple System Profiler) and that every thing is connected
properly. You know the drill...disconnect and reconnect everything,
reinstall software per instructions etc. All those things that make using a
computer so much fun.

Curmudgeon John

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