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Web forum rather than email list (invite)

One of the problems I've found with email lists is that the only way 
it's "organized" is by subject lines, web forums are better organized 
with general topics and discreet threads. To help everyone out I 
recently put together a web forum. It now has all the bugs worked out 
of it. i just wanted to invite you all over. You can find it at 
<http://www.tssphoto.com/forum/index.php> or if you visit 
inkjetart.com, it's in the blue menu on the top of every page.

Most research I do on the Internet is via web forums. I noticed that, 
to this point, no one had made one for inkjet printing, or at least 
Google didn't turn up any when I searched. Just stay out of flame 
wars, especially Mac vs. PC  (that could get you banned!). I figure 
that as more and more discussion happens, people who are getting 
started on inkjet printing will be able to search the forum rather 
than having to ask the same questions everyone else has.

One last thing: I once signed up on a web board with a dummy email 
address, that address now gets 300+ SPAM messages each day. I HATE 
THAT!! We won't sell or give out your address, and we keep your email 
hidden so harvesting programs won't be able to get it either. We 
aren't collecting email addresses or names using the forum, either. I 
fervently believe in the opt-in approach so you don't have to worry 
about privacy concerns.

Also, this isn't a marketing tool, it's a support tool and a service 
to the inkjet community. Just wanted to make that clear.
Chris Bair, Consultant & Webmaster
Inkjet Art Solutions (a division of The Stock Solution)
Visit our forum <http://www.tssphoto.com/forum/index.php>
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