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Re: PS 7's Healing Brush

Howard, In the current issue of Shutterbug, the reviewer of photoshop
7.0 HATES the healing brush. 

But I have read on more than one occasion on these lists that it is the
single most important feature of 7.0 and they bought it for that feature
alone. They loved it.

Depending on where you clone from, it can be great, or it can be lousy,
I've used it a lot of times, and I'd say success is about 50/50.  I
bought it for the trillions of new brushes you can get, sort of similar
to painter, but much easier to use. I love the program.


> "H. Averbach" wrote:
> Question For Photo Restorers Using Photoshop 7.
> I currently use Photoshop 6 for restoring old photos.  On almost all
> images, I extensively use the History Brush in the "rewriting history"
> technique, as well as the Rubber Stamp/Clone tool.  If you do such
> work, you know how much time is required to apply these techniques.
> I have no reason to upgrade to Photoshop 7 except if the new "Healing
> Brush" tool REALY works, does a very good job of it, and requires far
> less time to achieve a good result than would using the History Brush
> and Rubber Stamp tools.
> I would appreciate comments from experienced photo restorers who have
> used Photoshop 6 as well as Photoshop 7's Healing Brush.
> Thank you.
> Howard
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