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Win98 VS Win2000 memory usage

I just switched from Win98SE to Win2000 and find that memory usage is only
slightly different for my 786 Meg RAM, Athlon 1600+ system. MemTurbo and
Windows System Monitor show that I have picked up a few score more Megs of
RAM, from the 580 range to about 640 Meg (SE vs 2K) with only the desktop
open. Some of that gain may be due to the NT base of Win2000 being more
compact, with less of the background garbage Win98 has.

The use of memory by Photoshop 4 with Win 2000 is also slightly improved,
but nothing like you'd expect from some of the remarks addressed to me in
replies to my question here and in other lists. Handling of a 150 Meg file
is improved and it is a worthwhile change, but perhaps not for the money
($180 for full OEM version from my dealer).

I hope this helps clear up some of the misconceptions about Win98SE memory
usage out there.


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