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Re: Epson Print Portfolio

another factor to consider is shipping the portfolio. if you need to 
send it out, which i often have, it REALLY helps to have thought of 
this in advance and designed it to fit well within standard packing 
materials, like the fedex box, for example. Get an archival box for 
the portfolio, one that has a nice, close fit inside the shipping box 
provided by the shipping company you use most, and you can reduces 
the damage done to the portfolio in transit.

if you spend as much time as i do creating these things, getting them 
back in good shape matters.

also, remember that what people remember is the WORK. get creative in 
it's presentation if you want, it's never a bad idea, but the work 
has to do the talking. make it zippy, as hard-hitting as possible, 
and that's it. too many images can be bad. better to leave them 
wanting more. or have secondary materials to show if they ASK for 

jana b.

>In our experience, *NEVER* ask the viewer to turn the direction of the
>portfolio.  History has shown that people just don't do it.  Either make the
>pages large enough to accommodate both vertical and horizontal images on the
>same page (8x10 images on 11x14 pages), or run the horizontal images across 2
>pages (making the horizontals a 'spread').
>Harvey Ferdschneider
>partner, SKID Photography, NYC
>Ken wrote:
>>  I though Steve gives excellent advice. I'd only disagree with the horizontal
>>  & vertical issue. I try to group the verticals seperate from the horizontals
>>  as much as possible. I discovered people looking at my portfolio sometimes
>>  wouldn't turn them in the right direction each time if there were too many
>>  direction changes. And why not make it easier for the viewer.
>>  Ken Weissblum
>>  fine art photographic imaging: nudes & landscapes
>>  www.metaphotography.com
>>  ----- Original Message -----
>>  From: "Steve Rood" <roodboy@earthlink.net>
>>  >
>>  > 6. How do you handle a mix of verticals and horizontals?
>>  >
>>  > If someone can't handle turning your portfolio to look at both, then you
>>  > don't want to work for them anyway.
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