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RE: new printer

> My only point in all of this is that now more than ever, printers,
> and paper are systems. It just doesn't make sense to me to buy a 2200 
> and use 3rd party ink when access to the UC inks is one of if not the 
> main reason to even consider a 2200.

Agreed.  I should have read your original post more carefully.  I like
the idea of buying the larger cartridges for the 76/9600 and siphoning
the ink from them to use for the 2200.

For me, the choice is not so much between epson and 3rd party inks: it's
between buying separate printers dedicated to b&w and color, or one
printer that can do both with virtually the same high-quality results.
The extra longevity of the pigment inks is just icing for me; if any of
the dye-based inkjets could produce b&w without the metamerism and print
to 13x18, I'd gladly go that route.


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