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Re: W2K RAM limits

> I'm specifying a new workstation,and need lots and lots of RAM (don't ask, I do need it...)
> and I think I read somewhere that W2K can only allocate 2gb for any individual programme, but that W2K server can do any
> number. anyone know if there's any truth in this?
> I want to get a board with 3 or 4Gb ram, and it seems wise to be sure I can use it first!
> thanks,
> paul

Be careful of the motherboard. Just got word from the guy
building my new computer that the very well-reviewed Soyo
mobo just won't be stable with 3 5-MB DIMMS in place. It
seems that just because a motherboard can take the RAM
doesn't mean that it can use it well.

John Matturri
words and images: http://home.earthlink.net/~jmatturr/

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