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RE: Two-Monitor advantage? (was LCD Monitors)

I am not sure if one has to be ambidextrous to keep one hand on the keyboard
for selecting tools etc. After all, when typing one also uses both hands. My
left hand is quite uncoordinated compared to my right hand yet it works
quite fine with me to have one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse.
Maybe one just has to give it a try and practice it for a month or so.
Considering how much more efficient one can work this way it is worth a try.


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> That's interesting--I never considered that using your off-hand to do
> keyboard shortcuts was challenging for people.  But now that I think about
> it, I am probably exceptionally ambidextrous.  I think I have a tendency
> toward that from birth, plus a few significant injuries to my dominant
> (right) hand have forced the issue.

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