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RE: 1280 printing wrong ink

shAf writes ...

>   My 1280 gets a bit eccentric ... it will actually sometimes print the
> wrong ink.  For example, if I ask it to do a "nozzle check", it will
> sometimes print black in place of yellow(?) ...

  An update:  I tried uninstalling the printer, and uninstalling the
software ... and then re-installing.  The result was the same ... I still
get black line segments in regions of cyan and yellow for a "nozzle check".

  I then uninstalled again ... and this time went as far as deleting several
DLL files which remained (which, btw, could not be deleted unless I removed
references to them inside the Win2k registry and re-booted).  I then
re-installed the original software (driver v.5.1 on distribution CD).

  The result is ^good^ nozzle checks.  I may not update the driver (v.5.2)
because I primarily use the driver in "no color adjust" mode.  My thinking
is this problem is definitely software related ... I simply reset the
printer and re-booted too many times to tie it to a problem with the printer
or state of the Win2k OS.

cheerios ... shAf  :o)
Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

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