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Re: 5500 Price Drops?

I would guess that Epson wouldn't really care about a CIS for the any 2000
series printer because you'd still be buying their inks. If you had a CIS for
the 2200, you'd have to buy 7600 or 9600 carts, syphon the inks from those
carts and fill the bottles for the CIS with that ink. If you're not going to
use Epson's pigmented inks, then there's really no reason to even consider a
2000 series printer. You're better off getting a 1280 and a CIS. My guess is
that these inks are not easy to duplicate and we won't be seeing any ink clones
any time soon. 

--- Jerry Olson <jerryolson@rrv.net> wrote:
> Well, No matter how good the printer is, I'll have to wait for the CIS
> people to make a version for it before I'd buy it. I gotta have bulk
> inks! I guess Epson wasn't listening to Photographers about what they
> want after all. 
> Jer

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