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Re: Printer drivers on a networked computer

FWIW to anyone else trying to drive an EX via Windows XP, here's what I
determined via Microsoft and Epson Web sites and a call to Epson support: The
most recent driver for the EX is for Windows 2000 (download file is called
SPEXWIN2K50AE.EXE). When this driver is used under Windows XP, the color
management features are not available in the Print dialog boxes. Epson has no
timetable for adding fully XP-compatible drivers to currently unsupported
models, and they don't even know whether they will *ever* do one for the EX.
Support's advice: "keep watching the Web site for additions."

I did manage to override the XP default driver on the new computer by
specifying the Epson driver in the Properties dialog box for that printer, so
at least the presentation of most of the print windows looks like Epson's, but
I do not get the initial window with the color management options at the bottom
when printing from Photoshop 7. I did set a default print profile in the Color
Management tab of the Properties dialog box for the EX, but it's kind of a
nuisance to reset it there when I use a different paper/profile. So I either
have to copy the file to be printed to my Win 98SE computer via the ethernet
router, open it in PS under Win98, and print from there--thereby defeating one
of the main reasons for buying a new computer; or buy a later model printer.


Laurie Solomon wrote:

> I think that the answer that they are implying is that you should install
> both the Microsoft and the Epson drivers.  In the Printer panel, add only
> the Epson printers using the Epson drivers and let Microsoft install plug
> and play the printers with its driver.  You can then select either as the
> default printer or the printer that you want to print from on any given
> ocassion; you can also select between the two versions which version you
> care to share as the network printer over the network, leaving the other as
> a local printer only.
> -----Original Message-----
> Bernie Epstein wrote:
>  <snip>What do I have to do to get the Epson driver to show up when I
> > send a document to print instead of the Windows default driver?
> > Secondly, should I uninstall the "phantom" printers? <snip>

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