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Re: 5500 Price Drops?

Mike Greer, and I think he's right, wrote:

>[snip] But still, the 5500['s price] has to be adjusted or a 
>replacement at a price point somewhere between the 2200 and 7600 
>needs to be announced. [snip]

Or first the 5500's price needs to be adjusted and then the 5500 
needs to be replaced, if in fact there is a large enough market for a 
professional printer this size for Epson to want to sell into it. But 
why would Epson postpone doing so?

Another way to look at this, which most interests me, is to ask what 
improvements in the 2200 would make it worth appreciably more money, 
if presumably less than the 7600, to professionals? I.e., what, if 
anything, is wrong from their point of view with the 2200? I hope 
Mike and others will address this.

Is it known how big/small the 2200's cartridges are? If they're 
small, then I'd think Epson has something up its 13" sleeve, and I 
would want to know what it is before I think too hard about buying a 


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