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Re: 5500 Price Drops?

--- "Sam A. McCandless" <samcc@vom.com> wrote:

> But when I was trying to pursue 
> Michael's line of reasoning, I think I learned that the 5500 also has 
> some paper-handling advantages over the 7600, at least for the 
> printing of sheets in some quantity. But I still expect its price to 
> drop because it seems squeezed from below by the 2200 as well as from 
> above by the 7600.

Sam, you bring up a point that I didn't even realize. One can buy a 7600 AND a
2200 for about the same price as a 5500!

The reason I'm asking about these issues if because I was thinking about
squeezing the trigger on a 5500. But it just doesn't make any financial sense.
I'd still consider it at $2000 or less. But not at $3500 with the 7600 at $3000.

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