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I have used a friend of mine's and it produces a great looking file. Some of the extras are worth the upgrade. I am now 13th on a list at my dealers for the camera. Have to put $200 down to get on the list. It appears that the response to this camera exceeded
Canon's expectations. Rumor has it that they haven't had this much response since the introduction of AE1. Rumor also is that Canon ordered parts six months out and waiting for more parts to build the camera. I presently own a D30 and use it for almost 80% of my
work. The D60 will fill the other 20%. I plan to use the D30 for a second or backup camera. If you do not own either one, and budget allows, I would consider one of each. Bottom line, put your money down and wait. Or, if you own Nikon, wait until the new Fuji
camera comes out. To make this less off subject, the color off the camera, dropped into Canon's browser then onto a proof sheet on my 890, prints real close to screen. Tweaking is almost minimal.
Makes for a smooth work flow.
Bruce Dynes, M.Photg, CPP

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