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Epson Stylus Color 670 Printer Drivers for Windows XP

Has anyone been able to install Epson Drivers for the Epson Stylus 670
printer in Windows XP (Home edition) so that:

(1)  XP recognizes only 1 printer on your system: the Epson Stylus 670. XP
insists on installing/recognizing my printer as a Epson Stylus Color 670
ESC/P2 printer even though I have installed it as just a Stylus Color 670
(2)  The utitlity reporting the amounts of color and black ink left works.
The driver (version 5.20 for Win2000/XP) I downloaded from EPSON does seem
to have this utility included; however the area in the driver interface
referring to this utility is greyed out and unusable. Is there any way of
fixing this defect?? Otherwise the printer works ok.

Am more interested in getting (2) to work before (1).

Thanks for your help,
         Peter Wolfe

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