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Sharpening [was Re: Resolution and print quality]

From: "Bob Frost" <bobfrost@btopenworld.com>
Subject: Sharpening [was Re: Resolution and print quality]

You make some very interesting and valid points, in addition I learned a
thing or two. It was a well written and informative post.

".... to try to produce an unreal picture that satisfies their artistic
interpretation of the scene." But isn't that what the great artists all have
done throughout history? What's wrong with that?

But what we are approaching is the old "photograph or art" conversation and
that is dependent on the one making and printing the image and their intent.
Photography is an art, but a photograph is not necessarily an art-type
image, although it can be, or the basis thereof. How one treats one or the
other depends of the desired result. I think the degree to which you
"enhance" the image is the difference between the two. I make a distinction
between "enhance" and "manipulate". An image can be manipulated greatly and
still retain the basic integrity of the image, it is technically better but
not significantly different.

There's room for both. Is the person a photographer or a "fine artist"?
(don't anyone get on my case for me almost referring to enhanced
photographic images as being true fine art, you know what I mean-I hope!)

Debating the technical and aesthetic merits of sharpening, not sharpening or
how to execute the sharpening (or any image enhancement) is all but an
exercise in futility and individual-dependent. Why, how, how much is up to
the photographer/artist. As in most things there are a number of reasons for
what you do and why.

Warmest Regards,
Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC

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