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Ultra-Flo 4 CRS or CIS or CFS

CRS = Continuous Re-inking System
CIS = Continuous Ink System
CFS = Continuous Flow System
all = 6 refillable bottles hooked to special cartridges via tubes

I recently talked to the folks at WeInc (www.weinc.com). There new kit uses 
a chip-reprogrammer box that resets the levels on the chips without having 
to remove the cartridges - The box connects via the lpt1 port to the 
printer; presumably computer -> reprogrammer -> (female DB25I) printer 
cable -> centronics printer connection.

The advantage is price ~60$. The downside is that you need to push the 
button on a regular basis or risk having the chip get to the warning stage 
where it may not reset. I don't know if there is a limit on the number of 
pushes before the chip goes "reprogrammer deaf". I had heard that some 
flash memories do have reuse limits in the low 1,000s.

This seems like a reasonable work-around the Epson "buy more ink" campaign 
currently supported by the chips in the cartridge. And a bit cheaper than 
the cartridges with special chips that always read full.

The cost of the kit with ink and reprogrammer is about $180. This is a bit 
less than the $250 + ink that other systems seem to cost.

Does anybody have any experience with the inks from this company?

BTW you can also buy the kit unprimed; the cost including reprogrammer and 
priming pump is about $175. You could then order ink from anybody.


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