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RE: Sharpening [was Re: Resolution and print quality]

I think your point is well taken, and that the same principle can be applied
to any photographic technique, whether in taking the photo or in processing
it later, and regardless of the method of processing. Some of my more
interesting photographs have begun as images I could not get into the gamut
of the printer, or that were too blurred to be truly representational, or
that were shot with an incorrect white balance, or that printed when one
color's nozzles weren't completely clear. All these "mistakes" led me to
rethink the image and, in some cases, to begin a whole new series of
modified images based on the technique I happened upon either due to
limitations of the equipment or happy accidents.

- David

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Kennedy (& Harvey),

I hesitate to continue this discussion, having been doing serious
photography for only a couple of years, and being a scientist rather than an
arts person. However, I don't agree that the only sharpening required is
that necessary to replace that lost during scanning etc. This might be the
case if your photography is of the 'record picture' type - trying to
reproduce exactly the scene in front of the lens. But I don't think that is
what most 'serious' photographers do. They 'enhance' their images, by every
physical, chemical, and electronic trick in the book, to try to produce an
unreal picture that satisfies their artistic interpretation of the scene.
Enhancement of edges - sharpening - is surely just one of those tricks.

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