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Re: Using a ColorMouse (and ProfilerPro) 729 times

In a message dated 6/5/02 12:43:42 PM, bobfrost@btopenworld.com writes:

>Now, with my latest profile, I can get greens and cyans that my printer
>simply never produced before. Is that good or bad, I ask myself? OK it's
>good that I have extended the gamut of my prints, but it is bad because
>prints no longer match the soft-proofs on the monitor, which is basically
>sRGB in it's gamut. Now I don't know what my print is going to look like
>until it comes out of the printer. Back to square one, before I bought
>this gadgetry to profile monitors and printers!!

Now you are not limited to screen colors in your output... if you wish to see 
which of your print colors are outside of your monitor gamut, convert your 
image to the printer profile, then use the View> Proof SetUp> Custom option 
to choose the monitor profile to proof to, then select the View> Proof 
Colors, and Gamut Warning settings, to show which colors are not accurately 
displayed on screen. I find my 22" Cinema Display reaches many of the greens, 
cyans, and yellows a CRT misses, and in return misses a few of the deepest 
blues. The New CinemaHD 23" loses a bit in the most saturated greens and 
instead offers deeper reds and blues; a truely impressive gamut, and 
amazingly detailed as well, with the finer pixels.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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