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Re: HTML formatting

There has been some discussion on the list before (I believe it was this list) about using HTML formatting.  Several users, myself included, have written that in some versions of AOL thje messages seem to arive without HTML formatting and in others with HTML with no way to turn it off.  There was some upcry, as I recall, that this could not possibly be the case.  Well, just having a message rejected from another newsgroup for HTML formatting while on my laptop (I never have that problem with ASOL from home, an older version) I finally broke downm and contacted tech support about this.  Here is the info I got and the 'cure' for those with this problem.

Bottom line..there IS NO way to turn it off with version 6.0 and greater.  The e-mail has rich-text formatting for color fonts etc and other than using Ariel 10 point which, they say, might come through as non-HTML (but in my case does not) there is no other cure...BUT they said that if, instead of sending mail from within AOL itself, you go and send it from their AOL Anywhere web site it should come through as non-HTML formatting since the website mail does not use rich-format.  Anyway, here is a test and will see if it comes through without HTML formatting.  If it does come through OK then that is the answer for AOL users and the HTML formatting issue.

Turn off HTML mail features. Keep quoted material short. Use accurate
subject lines. http://www.leben.com/lists for list instructions.

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