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Re: New Name - Photo Paper

>I might be really behind the times, but I just found out today that what
>was called Photo Paper is now called Glossy Photo Paper ((S041141). I
>hope it's the exact same thing, since yesterday I printed HALF of a
>little portfolio on the photo paper and need to finish!
>Barbara White

It's not the same paper, although it has the same part number as 
Photo Paper. The Glossy Photo Paper has a different finish and, more 
importantly, is less fade proof. It's the same paper used in the 
Epson Greeting Card stock. Images I've printed on that paper using 
dye based inks, have faded in a relatively short time (in ozone rich 
climates - coastal Florida - the cyan vanishes in a couple of months 
unless framed under glass).

The original Photo Paper has a more textured surface, which some 
people have complained is un photographic. I've never minded it, and 
have had good longevity with dye based inks on that stock.

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