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Re:Resolution and Banding

What then to do about sharpening?  I had always read that sharpening should be done last AND that it should not be done until the image is sized to the output resolution as the effect will be different depending on the resolution.  So if you don't downsample the file, and then print at say 1440x720 will the degree of sharpening still be appropriate assuming, as you suggest, that you only send to the printer files at a resolution that are under 720 ppi.  Or is the difference in sharpening effect between say a 300 and 720 ppi image not significant.

Also, if your file was greater than 720 ppi would you then downsample to 720 and then print or to 360 before printing?

Thanks..the advice is appreciated.


<<<Also, does this imply it would be better to send the printer an
  entire large
  >file rather than downsample to 300 or 360 in Photoshop?
  Yes - up to the resampling limit of the printer, which is usually
  - - but, depending on your connection and print size, it may be slower
  do this.
  - -- 
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