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Re: Lexmark Z65 4800 DPI printer

I think you have that backwards.  On an Epson 14440 x 720 dpi, the 1440 dpi goes
across the page, and the paper advancing mechanisms limited (until recently)
vertical dpi to 720.  On the new machines they can do 2880 x1440.  The 1440
being the vertical measurement.

Harvey Ferdschneider
partner, SKID Photography, NYC

Laurie Solomon wrote:

> I would venture to say that the governing resolution is the 1200 dpi which
> is the measurte of dots per inch across the width of the media while the
> 4800 dpi is the dots per inch down the long side of the paper.  I believe
> that there are Epson inkjets that have specs similar if not better in terms
> of dots per inch; the real factors have more to do with the size of the
> dots, if they are variable in size, and what the dithering formula used is.
> It also matters if the printer uses dye based or pigment based inks.
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> Hi!
> Just saw the Lexmark Z65 printer, claiming 4800x1200 DPI. I was amazed at
> how fine the dots were on Kodak paper. Which Epson model does this
> compare to?
> Also, what printers are available as 6-colors?
> I have a 1200, and My  Uncle is interested in a 6 color.
> thanks
> Larry
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