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Re: Resolution and print quality

john gale wrote:

> Somewhat following up on this Resolution and Banding topic, I have a
> more general question on getting the maximum print quality from your
> friend neighborhood Epson.  So far, I've gotten advice that if you
> print over 720ppi then you should downsample to 720ppi to print, with
> the possibility that it **might** give you better results.  (hey,
> it's easy, so why not live with that possibility.)
> But what about some more general things that I've heard people refer
> to, but am not quite sure how they might help / hinder?  In other
> words, what's the general process that people usually go through to
> get from a scanned image to a printed image?  Say I get a 4000ppi
> negative scan, and want to print a 5x7 from it.  This gives me
> roughly 800ppi, so I should scale it down to 720ppi.  But what about
> other things that might increase the quality of the print?  Should I
> sharpen / blur the image?  Should I smart blur to get a more
> continuous tone?
>            !john

When down-sampling, I would never blur (nor would I when up-sampling either).

Sharpening amount depends on your image and the way you sharpen.  It has been my
experience that most people over sharpen and add an unnecessary graininess to
the image.  There are also at least a dozen different ways to sharpen, some
better than others, depending on the specific image..

Harvey Ferdschneider
partner, SKID Photography, NYC

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