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RE: 6x6 color neg film compatiable with Kodak pro scanning

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If you are REALLY getting 2000ppi scans of the 6x6 (I think it's overkill) than neg is fine.  I use Fuji with the Hasselblad, though-- 200 and 800.
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Subject: 6x6 color neg film compatiable with Kodak pro scanning

I've temporarily inherited a good 6x6 system that I'm going to take on vacation with me.  I'll be shooting Fuji Astia in my old 35mm Nikon for the slide show, and at first assumed I'd use the same film in the 6x6 camera.  I'm just going to get the good 6x6 images scanned at a local custom shop using the Kodak system that produces 2000 ppi scans for $12 each.
It occurred to me that since I can't project these 6x6 images anyway, I might as well use color negative film.  I've run some tests w/scanned 35mm negatives compared to scanned transparency film, and the difference in highlight and shadow detail (even on an inkjet print from a scanned negative) is amazing.
So here's the question: If I'm going to use 6x6 negative film, scan it with a Kodak pro scan, and print it on my epson inkjet, what's a good film to use?  Most shots will be outdoors.   I know nothing about 6x6 color negative film.  Any suggestions appreciated.  You can respond to following email address if you like.  Thanks! 

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