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RE: Niagara CIS/ 1280 won't reset

>After a chip swap, the ink-out light went off! Nozzle checks were not too
>good and after 4 cleaning cycles there are still some gaps. I have heard
>that letting it sit helps and I have to go play music at a wedding anyways
>so I will check it again when I return.

>This all makes me a little nervous. Any advice is much appreciated.

>Not-quite-so Exasoeratingly Yours,
>Jim Germond


If it's any consolation, I had the very same problem with my 870 and Niagara
unit.  And the same remedy -- swapped the chips and lights went out.  With
my 1280, re-seating the carts got the lights to go out.  Yeah, your on
target about letting it sit overnight -- should have good nozzle checks
after an overnight rest.  If not, do a SINGLE clean cycle and let it sit for
a few more hours or overnight.  Good luck.

			William Garcia
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