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Re: OT: Digital Camera querry to use with Epson printers

You will soon be overwhelmed with our personal choices - cognative 
dissonance reighs.

I use the Nikon 885 @3+MP and like very much the combination of resolution, 
weight and form factor. Its currently out of your budget, but I would 
recommend stepping up to the 3MP range. I can get an acceptable 11x14 from 
a full image and an outstanding 4x6 from a portion of an image. This latter 
capability is great when you are shooting pictures of [quick] grandchildren.

Don't forget to include in your price calculations, extra rechargable 
batteries, charger and possibly a faster download device than the camera 
cable. The 2 batteries, charger and pc-card cost me an additional 100usd. I 
recently was in Mexico. I took 3 128MB flashcards and my extra battery / 
charger. In 3 weeks I took 600+ pictures and thanks to the law of large 
numbers, wound up with quite a few ++good images. If I had taken my film 
camera, I probably would have had 100+ pictures.

BTW, I found a camera store that could make a CD from my flashcards, thus I 
could re-use them. Good luck in your quest,
Tom Sawyer

At 11:39 PM 5/29/02 -0400, you wrote:
>We use a Sony DSC-S30, which is only 1.3 megapixels, but have been 
>extremely happy with ours.  I think they can be found used (and sometimes 
>still new, but they have been
>discontinued) for under $300.  Great battery life!
>BTW:  As professional editorial photographers (mostly rock & roll 
>portrait), we have used it for several small jobs, as well, but mostly 
>just for personal work.
>Harvey Ferdschneider
>partner, SKID Photography, NYC
>Alan Womack wrote:
> > I'm looking for some feedback from fellow Epson printers regarding a 
> digital camera at or under $300, compatible with the Macintosh via USB, 
> and at least 2mp.
> >
> > Good basic color from the camera would be a great plus, as well as 
> optical zoom factors.  The camera files will be printed straight to an 
> Epson printer without color managment.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
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