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Subject: Re: OT: Digital Camera querry to use with Epson printers

Subject: Re: OT: Digital Camera querry to use with Epson printers

In addition, steves-digicams links to several other sites with similar
information on cameras. I don't remember which one, and if I remember
correctly, one of the linked sites rank cameras according to usage and

Another source for reviews and user comments is zdnet.com and cnet.com.

There are so many cameras out there, both older and new, that it is a
difficult choice. Obviously, that is why you are asking for personal
knowledge input, huh?

Some of the digital images will need to be printed as a sRGB image to get
good results as many cameras use the sRGB color space for their images.

I had an older Kodak that worked well directly from the camera to the
printer. I am using an Olympus now and it does a good job in that respect,
although I postprocess many of my images. The very small Canon Digital Elphs
rate good reviews.

If you are interested in stepping up to a super versatile camera, look at
the Oly C2100. 10 power optical zoom, image stabilization and all the bells
and whistles you will ever need. It's 2mp. When first introduced it was
$1000+ but can be had for half that or a little less now. I can't wait for
Oly to update it with a higher mp sensor but I don't think they are going

Warmest Regards,
Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC

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