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"general error" follow-up

To answer a couple of questions - yes, of course I re-booted, more than 
once. No lights were flashing when the computer "jammed" and the error 
message occurred. After a couple of tries, I could see that the printhead 
was catching near the left extent of its travel. There seemed to be no 
obstruction there. I cleaned and very lightly lubed the bar on which the 
printhead slides. No help.

After a few repeated tries to get the printer working I began to hear a 
terrible grinding noise as the printer "jammed". All this time the paper 
eject button worked perfectly well. The printer would print a good nozzle 
check, and even a good print test, on plain paper - but each time I tried 
something new, the grinding got worse.

I phoned Epson tech support. They told me there is nothing I can do about 
this problem, that the printer will have to be returned to Epson. But since 
the printer is still under warranty, they are sending me a replacement by 
overnight mail. Whew! But I am still troubled, thinking there must be some 
very simple thing which is wrong, and some simple way I could fix it myself.

Thank goodness for Epson's warranty policy.

Bill Hansen

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