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Re: "general error" in 1270


What lights are on or flashing?

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bill Hansen" <bhansen2@twcny.rr.com>

> While printing some proof sheets last night (Qimage v 1.16, 2002 - WinMe,
> 256k RAM) I suddenly got a "general error" message and the printer stopped
> working. I did what the message directed, found no problem, and the
> still won't work. Any thoughts? The message is as follows:
> A general error has occurred.
> Delete the all print jobs in the EPSON Spool
> Manager and turn the printer off. Check for
> foreign objects that could be jammed inside the
> printer. Wait a few minutes, then turn it back
> on. If the problem persists, contach your dealer.
> I can't see any foreign object inside the printer. The paper eject button
> allows paper to move through the printer freely. I'm stuck. Any ideas on
> how to remedy this? Thanks - Bill Hansen

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