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Re: alternative inks, and ink usage

Hello Larry,

Here is the procedure I used yesterday to successfully reset my 1160.  I am
sorry I cannot credit the orignal author or list where I found this as I had
saved only the procedure body of the message.  My apologies and thanks to
the original author for his concise work.

1. Turn the printer off using the power button on the panel of the
2. Disconnect the interface cable at the back of the printer.
3. Hold down the 'LOAD/EJECT' and 'CLEANING' buttons simultaneously.
4. Turn the printer on. Release all buttons as soon as paper out light
5. Quickly press the 'LOAD/EJECT' button while paper out light is
6. Release the button and the printer will initialize.
7. Once initialization is complete, turn the printer off.
8. Reconnect the interface cable.
9. Turn the printer on and try to print a document.

Now can anyone tell me where I can purchase 1160 waste ink pads?


----- Original Message -----
From: "Larry Buzzell" <melarry@gci.net>

> Turned on power, and the lights remain blinking on/off....................
> ........My reset procedure isn't staying stuck!
> Larry

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