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multiple profiles


You said a few months ago "I don't recommend piggybacking profiles for this
purpose (or any other except press proofing); if you wish to prelimit ink
there are easier, more effective, ways to do it than this! Even transfer
curves would be preferable to piggy backing profiles..."

Would give a little more detail as to why this is not a solution. I seem to
remember that one of the clever things that the color manangement systems in
Windows and presumably Macs do is to 'concatenate' multiple profiles applied
to a file, and just apply the one transformation instead of several. If the
color management systems do this all the time, why can't we do it manually
and get good results?

I think I also remember a custom profile maker (Profile City?) recommending
that you get the best print you can from the printer before sending the
printer target to them for profiling.

Bob Frost

PS While typing this I have suddenly thought of one disadvantage - you won't
be able to soft-proof properly. But are there any others?

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