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Re: Epson 1680: USB or Firewire

on 5/28/02 8:57 AM, Nick Jahn at nickjahn@uswest.net wrote:

> I want to replace my old Saphir scanner with an Epson 1680. My new G4
> does not have SCSI unless I install a card. The Epson 1680 comes in
> two models, one for SCSI/USB and one for Firewire (for$300 more). I'd
> rather not spend the extra $300 for Firewire. Is there any advantage
> to Firewire over USB? Will the SCSI card be better or worse than USB?
> Thanks for your advice.

I've used scsi, USB (1.0) and now, with my new Epson 2450, a FireWire

First off, DO NOT GET A USB scanner (unless you have a lot of spare time
and/or bill by the hour). Macs only use the USB 1 protocol, and it is
painfully slow. USB 2.0 is not of any use to Mac users at present, although
it will connect at  USB 1.0 speeds (very slow).

Opt for either scsi or FW. Scsi is fast, but the 2450 on FW is the fastest
scanner I've ever used!

SCSI will require the purchase and installation of a PCI scsi card, which
several can be had for less than $100 (be sure you get one that has OS X
drivers written for it). This assumes that you do in fact have an open slot
to install the scsi card in.

FW is built in to the G4, and is fast and OS X ready (provided that Epson
had OS X drivers for the scanner).

Brian Freitag
Graphics Nadeen

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