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Re: alternative inks, and ink usage

Hello from Alaska,

I am new to the list, and enjoy learning about printing on my Epson 
photoEX wide printer. I ran into a problem the other day maybe someone 
here may know how to fix.  I was priming a new cartridge, went to make a 
confirmation test page and suddenly all the lights flash. I read 
somewhere the printer will go into this mode when the pads are near 
saturation from cleaning cycles, so I removed the bottom tray and rinsed 
out the four pads, letting them dry overnight. Reinstalled easily, after 
also cleaning the little cleaning station as well. Everything went back 
together perfectly.
Turned on power, and the lights remain blinking on/off. Obviously, I 
have to do a factory reset. That's the problem. How do I do this? I 
cannot find the procedure searching the web. I have had the best luck 
holding the paperfeed and ink buttons while turning on the power, wait 
until the paper light blinks, then let up both buttons and immediately 
press and hold the paperfeed button. The lights will flash differently 
and then I hit the power switch to off. Turning it on, it gives a steady 
green light and will print, but after printing when the printhead 
returns to the left side to stop, all the lights flash again. My reset 
procedure isn't staying stuck!


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