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Re: Epson 1680: USB or Firewire

In a message dated 5/28/02 5:31:39 PM, nickjahn@uswest.net writes:

<< Will the SCSI card be better or worse than USB? 
Thanks for your advice. >>

Adding a SCSI card will speed things up by 2 to 4 times.  High res film scans 
take forever over USB.  The Adaptec 2906 works great for around $69 plus lets 
you use other SCSI devices such as CDRW's, film scanners, whatever.   
Firewire is just a tick slower then SCSI but the Firewire interface is 
expensive from Epson.

I think I saw a test that showed a 50MB scan

took 50 seconds over SCSI, 56 seconds w/ Firewire and 2:55 seconds with USB
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