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CoorVision experience..

From: Alp Tiritoglu <alp@uilab.com>
Subject: CoorVision  experience..

Does anybody have experience with Colorvision ProfilerPro? Did using this
color calibration tool help you get more accurate colors?



Hmmmmmm........"CoorVision experience". Is that anything like being drunk?

The major difference between ProfilerRGB (now called Plus) and ProfilerPro
is that Pro offers the tools to edit the profiles after they are made. It is
generally accepted that if you want the most useable profile it needs to be
tweaked after creating it. There are some that say Monaco EZColor is better
at editing than Pro. And there are some who say neither are worth a hoot.
And there are others that use more expensive and sophisticated systems and
generally get good profiles.

Some get good profiles right out of the box with these programs and others
never get a good profile. Profiling is not magic, nor is it consistent and
basically you pays your money and you takes your chances. Some combinations
profile easier and better than others. Some swear by it, others swear at it.
It is not a simple question to answer.

To answer your question, IF the profile is good you will get better colors.
Profiling is not usually necessary unless you are working with non-Epson
inks and papers although some do profile the Epson combinations. (With the
PC Epson printer driver, the profiles are built in.) (With MAC systems they
are separate and in some cases have been adapted to work with a PC.)

Many folks have profiles professionally made, each costs about $100. And
they say it is a good deal considering the possible time, effort, materials
and aggravation of making your own.

There is a European Epson site that has individual PC profiles for some
printers. They are for the European versions of the printer but it is easy
to figure out what the US counterpart is.

Warmest Regards,
Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC

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