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Re: Need Advice on Epson 3000/Fotonic (conclusion & otherobservations)

The information you provide about the 3000 is very much appreciated. I will
be needing service on my almost 4  year old printer and cannot find anyone
in New Mexico who knows how to repair it;  the only authorized Epson repair
shop in the state won't work on the 3000. I would like to have phone number
for Northwest Computer Support; maybe I could send the 3000 to them.

If anyone on this list knows of a competent repair shop closer to Santa Fe,
New Mexico please let me know. Thanks

Ursula Freer

> In the past I've posted a report of head failure problems with a Stylus
> Color 3000 and Stylus Color 900 using Lyson Fotonic ink. I reported problems
> with "clogging" of a 900 immediately after installing Fotonic, and also the
> eventual development of a leaky black nozzle in a lightly-used 3000 while
> running Fotonic. I expressed concern that the Fotonic ink may have
> precipitated failures. Others made casual comments that Fotonic might
> somewhat reduce head life.

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