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Re: Digital Cameras, Photoshop, Fugi Frontier and Weddings

I switched to all digital wedding photography last summer. Cameras used are
the D1x and D1H. My workflow includes batch processing using Nikon Capture
and finishing in Photoshop. I burn the images on to a CD and have them
printed on a Fuji Frontier. Results are excellent. Time for preparing images
has increased but the nice thing is that now I have control over color,
contrast and cropping.


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Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 12:26 AM
Subject: Digital Cameras, Photoshop, Fugi Frontier and Weddings

> Are any of you using a digital camera to shoot weddings with; downloading
> then correcting color balance and density in Photoshop; burning the prints
> to CD's then taking the CD's to a lab with a "digital laser light printer"
> such as the Fuji Frontier 370 or 390?
> If so what kind of results are you getting and what digital camera are you
> using and what kind of problems did you encounter that you did not
> anticipate on?
> I would greatly appreciate any feedback on-line or direct e-mail.  I'm at
> wits end with photo labs.  I've tried enough labs to know they are not set
> up to print weddings properly and most just want to rush the film through.
> I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.  It's not that the
> who work in the labs don't care, it's just that the system now caters to
> quantity over quality.
> I have 2 choices,  go with a digital camera or go out of the area in
> of hoping to find a lab that caters to quality.  I have gotten some
> information from Fuji and Andy Park (a member  of the Leben List) about
> our of my area, but I hate to commit to another wedding.  I keep getting
> calls but don't want to find myself in the same boat again.
> I have an Epson 1280, but think the time to print, plus the wear and tear
> the unit would make using a printer such as the Frontier a better choice
> print on.
> Rick Cambra
> slp@2xtreme.net

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