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alternative inks, and ink usage

Hi all,

I'm a recent convert to Epson printers, and I've got a couple of questions. 
(In the last several months or year I've bought a couple C80 printers for work,
and picked up a close-out 880 for home.)

My biggest problem is ink usage on the 880.  From browsing the archives, I'd
say it's a common problem.  If I read things correctly, much of the problem is
frequent nozzle cleanings?  I was going to ask about turning the printer off,
but that's pretty much been discussed over the last few days.

The FAQ at http://home.att.net/~arwomack01/ lists several alternative
ink/cartridge suppliers.  (MIS, MediaStreet, and InkJetArt have cartridges for
the 880.)  Are these considered the better (recommended) suppliers, or just
suppliers?  Feel free to email me offline if you aren't comfortable making
recommendations on the list.

thanks for any input!

Jim Passmore

Jim Passmore
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