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Re: Two-Monitor advantage? (and three?)

Reminds me of Murphy's Rule of Refrigerators: The refrigerator you just bought may seem much bigger than you'll ever need, but in six months it'll be chock-full and you'll wish you'd gotten the next larger size.

Laurie Solomon wrote:

I am willing to bet that, if you had an Apple Cinema, after a while, you
would find all kinds of reasons to want a dual Apple Cinema setup; and we
would be back to the same question - only the image sizes would be different
in many cases. :-)
And this sounds really cool:

Jean-Pierre Verbeke wrote:

I even went further and put beside a Matrox G550 with two monitors, an old
Millenium II PCI card into a PCI slot and added a third monitor. The main
monitor is a 21" with a large view of my pictures in Photoshop, the second
an old 17" with all the panels I can keep opened constantly and the third
monitor with eventually an internet window from which I can read some info
or tutorial online while doing my thing in Photoshop. Very comfortable...

Jean-Pierre Verbeke

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