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RE: Two monitor advantage?

On a Windows setup, once you set up the multiple monitor display in the
Display section of Device manager so as to designate monitors 1,2, etc. and
activate them, the mouse will travel across the displays without any
aditional action on your part.  However, in setting up the two monitor
display in Windows 98 and above, you will have tro designate if you want the
monitors to operate as a single monitor or as two independent monitors that
mirror each other (which probably is not what you want).

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> Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2002 9:42 AM
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> Subject: Re: Two monitor advantage?
> On the two-monitor setup, how does one get the mouse to move from one
> monitor to the other?
> On your 1270 (I have the same thing) Epson recommends that
> you turn it off
> with the button on the printer if you are not going to be
> printing for the
> next six hours.  I endeavor to do that and have never had a clog.
> Konrad Poth
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> Sent: Saturday, May 25, 2002 11:10 AM
> Subject: Re: Two monitor advantage?
> I switched to a two monitor setup and I wouldn't want to go
> back.  I had an
> ancient MAG Innovision 15" and an nVidia TNT2 AGP card, and I
> didn't want to
> toss either one of them.  So I bought a 19" NEC FP950 monitor (not too
> cheap), and a (cheap-$19) nVidia Vanta PCI card and hooked up the new
> monitor to the old card and the old monitor to the new card.
> A dual monitor
> card is probably the way to go if you're upgrading your whole
> system, but I
> needed a new monitor and didnt want to necessarily get rid of
> the TNT2 card,
> so buying the second card was ideal.  I didn't have any
> trouble getting
> everything working together.  I don't bother color managing
> the old 15"
> since I just use it for menus and text. The only problem is
> what someone
> else mentioned about the color swatch pallette being a little
> off--not a
> problem for me in PS since I only use it for photos--in
> Painter I just keep
> a small color set in the corner of my 19" monitor.
> Why I like a 2 monitor setup:
> 1) Being able to see my photos with no overlying junk and no
> futzing with
> keyboard shortcuts
> 2) Keeping PS open on the big monitor, and the browser I use
> for my photo
> files (CompuPic) open on the smaller monitors.  I can look
> for the photo I
> need and drag and drop it into PS.
> 3) For learning new programs I can keep a tutorial or help
> screen open on
> the little monitor while I work in the program on the big one.
> To keep this nominally on topic, what is the "Windex trick"
> I'm having a
> clog problem and lots of little parallel magenta lines
> randomly across my
> prints on my 1270, and haven't been successful running the
> cleaning cycle
> over and over.  Sounds like I better keep turning the thing
> off if I do ever
> get clean prints again.
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