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Re: PhotoPaint Printing Problem (Was: Re: Epson-Inkjet-Digest V2000 #1890)

My short experience with the C80 has been enlightening. The printer does not
behave like any Epson printer I have dealt with in the past. It will print very
well on non-glossy paper however.
This is what I have learned from using the C80. If you can possibly try to not
fiddle with the color correction tools you are much better off. I do not use
Corel but found that in PS 7 any color correction is taken quite literally and
prints that correction and it hasn't been pretty. The best results were when
the printer was on automatic with the proper media setting, i.e, "matte", or
The photo enhance drop down menu could give some better results.

my best results have too much magenta.  It seems like it would be easier
enough to adjust less magenta, but it I just can't seem to find the right
mix.    I kind of stumbled onto this digest and thought maybe someone could
offer some advice.  I am computer literate, and am learning about graphics,
but definately not a professional

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